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Thank you for considering North Clackamas Christian School as a possibility for your child's education!

Please take a moment to look through our website, learn about the special community of North Clackamas Christian School and then click on REQUEST INFORMATION to inquire or COMPLETE ONLINE ADMISSIONS.

Admissions Criteria

Selection of students for admission at North Clackamas Christian School is based on evaluation of the following criteria:

  1. Acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Savior.  This applies to the parent/guardian with whom the student will reside the majority of the school year as well as to the student (age appropriate).
  2. Membership or active involvement in an evangelical church (evangelical in this use is not a denomination).  This criteria applies to both the student applying for admission and to at least one parent/guardian of the student with whom the student resides with for the majority of the time during the school year.
  3. Completed recommendation forms (provided through online admission forms) from a teacher who worked closely with the student in their last school year and one by the student's pastor or youth pastor. 
  4. Satisfactory academic achievement (2.00 GPA or a grade average of a "C" or better) in previous school(s).
  5. Satisfactory citizenship record at previous school.
  6. Satisfactory scores on entrance exam.
  7. A willingness to attend and abide by the rules of the school.
  8. A completed online admissions record.

Students who do not meet the scholastic average above may be placed in a deferred-decision category meaning we hold such applications until after August 15th.  At that time, we make any remaining space in our classrooms available after the Admissions Committee carefully considers the special factors involved with each application.

NCCS considers students applying for admission during the school year or a grading period.  

Admissions Process

NCCS must receive all of the following before an interview is scheduled:

  • Completed application with a recent photo.
  • Application fee (non-refundable).
  • Copy of the student's most recent report card or transcript.
  • Completed Student Questionnaire (each student completes one).
  • Educator's Reference for students entering Grades 1-12.
  • Pastor's Reference for each student.
  • Copy of the most recent achievement test results (if needed).
  • Completed Immunization form (meeting all state requirements).
  • NCCS staff member must view the student's birth certificate and sign the affidavit.
  • Completed Authorization to Release Financial Records form (if applicable).
  • A list of all schools attended may be requested.
  • Completed Authorization to Release Records for each student.

Please note that parents are interviewed as well as the student applicant.  Since all parents of students in this school are members of the North Clackamas Christian School Society that owns and operates the school, it is imperative that all parents be in agreement with the statement of faith.  Parents are asked to share the testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior during the interview.

International Students

Click HERE for more information.

McKenzie Falotico 
Office Manager