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Thank you for considering North Clackamas Christian School as a possibility for your child's education!

NCCS does accept mid-year transfers based on availability. Please call our office for the most up to date information regarding admissions. 

We invite you to review our website for general information about our school and then please click HERE to submit an inquiry form. 

Admissions Criteria

Admission at North Clackamas Christian School is based on evaluation of the following criteria:

  • The family supports the spiritual development of their student(s) in the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal savior and is actively involved in a Christian church that agrees with our statement of faithThese criteria apply to both the student applying for admission and to at least one parent/guardian of the student with whom the student resides with for the majority of the time during the school year.
  • A completed online application for each student. (create one account per family and use it to submit each child's application)
  • Complete Reference Forms (found in application)
  • Satisfactory academic achievement in previous schools evidenced by 2 years of academic records.
  • Copy of the most recent achievement test results (MAP, etc.) or willingness to take these standardized tests before admittance.
  • Willingness to abide by the Parent/Student Handbook
  • Present an original birth certificate to office staff for verification
  • Official State immunization form submitted to the school
  • Completed Authorization to Release Records for each student. (Grades 1-12)
  • Disclosure of any academic, medical, or behavioral assessment or diagnosis are required

Admissions Process

NCCS is committed to walking with families through the following admissions steps:

1. Schedule an educational consult with the principal (phone call, video call, on site).

2. Complete the online application including a copy of the student's most recent report card or transcript, immunization records, birth certificate, pastor and educator's reference. All documents required in the application must be uploaded, emailed, or brought into the school office before students begin attending school. Any exception requires administrative approval.

3. Schedule an enrollment follow-up meeting with the principal (phone call, video call, on site). A tour will be offered at this time.

4. Once accepted, family will complete the enrollment process. (select payment plan, provide emergency contacts, medical information, etc.)

*Completing an application is not a guarantee for enrollment and the acceptance process includes consideration of multiple factors, including class size limits and enrollment requirements.

Please note that parents are interviewed as well as the student applicant.  Since parents of students in this school are members of the North Clackamas Christian School Society that owns and operates the school, it is imperative that parents be in agreement with the Statement of Faith.  Parents are asked to share the testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior during the interview.

International Students

Click HERE for more information.

McKenzie Falotico 
Office Manager