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Welcome to North Clackamas Christian School, a special place where students in preschool through 12th grade meet their full potential, while being trained to serve Christ daily.  Through a rich Bible-centered learning environment, NCCS is committed to developing the whole child - heart, soul, mind, and body - with a rigorous curriculum and instructional focus firmly planted in the truth of God's word.  Our highly qualified faculty is committed, not only to academic excellence, but to teaching students to apply Bible truth in every aspect of life.

With a strong 45-year heritage, NCCS offers a Christian education that prepares students for college with a strong spiritual focus.  As a discipleship school, our enrollment policy reaches out to families who share common goals for Christian spiritual formation and an educational philosophy and focus based on excellence.

Our students at NCCS enjoy a close-knit family atmosphere where daily experiences are positive, enriching, spiritually vibrant, and physically and socially safe.  Classrooms hum with active engagement throughout each day, and the school is alive with activity long after the final bell sounds.  From the youngest preschooler to the oldest senior, NCCS students are immersed in a warm and nurturing learning environment, supported by peers and faculty alike.  Students know they are valued and loved.

We hope you will call, email, or stop by today to find out more about North Clackamas Christian School, a place where learning is valued and students are equipped to apply Biblical truth as disciples of Christ!


Sherri James, Administrator




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