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North Clackamas Christian School is blessed with highly qualified staff composed of classroom teachers, specialists and support personnel who are dedicated to the overall academic success and spiritual growth of our students.  Our faculty are credentialed teachers, many having advanced degrees.  All NCCS teachers are committed Christians who follow the Lord and are called to serve students in a rich Bible-believing learning environment.  They have a passion for teaching and a focus on academic excellence for all students.  They involve themselves in the daily lives and activities of our student body. Staff members serve as a Christian role model for all students.

North Clackamas Christian School employs full-time teachers in PreK-6th grade. Additionally, we employ several educational assistants for elementary, and specialist to teach art, library, band, choral and physical education.

In the secondary grades (7-12), North Clackamas Christian employs faculty specializing in specific areas of the curriculum. 

Our instructional focus is a standards-based program that prepares students for the next important stage in their lives, whether college, work, ministry or the military.  As a result, North Clackamas Christian School is among the highest ranked private K-12 schools in Clackamas County (Niche).


  Name Title Group
Kristine Anderson Anderson, Kristine Teacher - HS Math
Patricia Butt Butt, Patricia Habitat Club Leader
Ann Davis Davis, Ann Librarian
Kristen Eads Eads, Kristen Part-time
McKenzie Falotico Falotico, McKenzie Office Manager/Admissions Director
Christina Flowers Flowers, Christina Teacher
Lindsey Fuller Fuller, Lindsey EDP Supervisor
Jodi Gill Gill, Jodi International Admissions Advisor
Rebekah Hardy Hardy, Rebekah K-12 Assistant Principal
Paul Harth Harth, Paul Teacher- High School Bible
Margaret Hespen Hespen, Margaret Teacher - Secondary Art
Ashly Hilst Hilst, Ashly Teacher- High School English & Yearbook
Alyson Hirsch Hirsch, Alyson Teacher-5th Grade
Theresa Horak Horak, Theresa Teacher - 2nd Grade
Andrew Hordichok Hordichok, Andrew Band Director & IT
Sherri James James, Sherri Superintendant/K-12 Principal
Elizabeth Joiner Joiner, Elizabeth Teacher- High School Science & Health
Angela Kelley Kelley, Angela Teacher- 3rd Grade
Kathy Maroni Maroni, Kathy Teacher - Kindergarten
Bruce Miller Miller, Bruce Choir Accompanist
Suzanne Minne Minne, Suzanne Preschool Education Assistant
Carmen Moore Moore, Carmen K-12 Dean of Students
Arika Nelson Nelson, Arika Teacher - 6th Grade
Grant Nelson Nelson, Grant Athletic Director & Teacher
Kristine Ocampo Ocampo, Kristine Teacher- 4th Grade
Kristine Peitz Peitz, Kristine Educational Assistant
Maheyla Rice Rice, Maheyla Teacher-1st Grade
Velma Sou Sou, Velma Teacher- Secondary Math
Debbie Stark Stark, Debbie Teacher - Preschool
Becky Steele Steele, Becky Teacher - Elementary Music/Art & Choir Director
Ashley Swank-Goldstein Swank-Goldstein, Ashley Educational Assistant
Stephanie Thornton Thornton, Stephanie Teacher - Junior High
Susan Van Sickle Van Sickle, Susan Business Manager
Bess Waxenfelter Waxenfelter, Bess Teacher - Secondary Social Studies
Elizabeth Woody Woody, Elizabeth Front Office Staff
Lauren Zogby Zogby, Lauren Business Office Assistant
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