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During the high school years, North Clackamas Christian's rigorous, fully accredited curriculum focuses on helping students become increasingly independent learners, preparing them to succeed in high school and beyond.  All boys and girls are also eligible to participate in a number of OSAA (1A) athletic programs such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and track.  In addition, our choir and band programs provide a strong balance to our outstanding academic regimen.

The high school curriculum is standards-based and follows Oregon state guidelines for graduation requirements. Courses of study include Bible, technology, fine arts, music, government, economics, physical education, health, foreign language, English language arts, science (including algebra I/II, college algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and calculus), business, and social sciences (including world history, U.S. history, government, economics, geography, psychology).  All high school students are also required to perform at least 100 hours of community service by the end of their senior year.

High school students participate in a weekly 40-minute Chapel with junior high students each Wednesday between first and second period.  Chapel praise and worship is student led followed by a guest speaker or family groups and prayer.

Overseas Programs and Mission trips are an important part of the secondary experience.  Students are encouraged to participate in one or both of these programs prior to the end of their senior year.

The academic day for high school students begins at 8:15 a.m. and concludes at 3:15 p.m.  We use an A/B block schedule, with four (1 hour 25 min.) classes each day. The school year typically runs from early September through mid-June.


2019 Clackamas Regional Skills Competition Results at Clackamas Community College

Students from 30 different high schools competed in 10 subject areas.  1st place winners receive a 12-credit tuition waiver; 2nd place - 8-credit tuition waiver; 3rd place - 4-credit tuition waiver.  Tuition waivers may be applied to any term for up to two years after high school graduation.
Computer Science - Cryptography
1st Place - Marissa Van Sickle
2nd Place - Luke Van Sickle
1st Place - Esmaya Hendrickson
Journalism - Photography
1st Place - Tyler Burch
Journalism - Writing
1st Place - Henry Waxenfelter
3rd Place - Kira Burch
Music - Solo Performance
3rd Place - Ethan Banister
Theatre - Monologue
1st Place - Megan Hankland
World Languages - Spanish Level I
1st Place - Megan Hankland
World Languages - Spanish Level III
1st Place - Marissa Van Sickle